About Me

About me

Shawana Lean

Escort ZA rich Shawana Lean - About me

My Style

Clothing Style: World Class Designers, but Sexy and elegant
Lingerie Designer: Luxxa, Lise Charmel, wolford. I love stockings


Nationality: Slovenia
Home area: ZA rich
Availability: 24h
Travel: Europe-wide
Age: 32
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 51 kg
Bra size: 97 D - Enhanced
Dress size: 35
Jeans size: 27
Hair: Natural Blond
Eyes: Captivating Deep Blue
Language Skills: English, some German
Job: Office Secretary

My Personality

Where do I spend my time? Switzerland, and more so ZA rich, has that magic to offer, that a generous number of luxury Hotels are present all over the country. I mostly spend my time at the office at work, secretly hoping for an exciting date to come up. In my free time I tend to hang out at luxury hotels' lobby bars such as "Park Hyatt", "Baur au Lac", "The Dolder Grand" in ZA rich. You may see me there reading the financial times at the bar while sipping on a glass of Dom Perignon.

My most important characterial feature is that I am born with this gift that I make people around me feel warm and positive. It is hard to describe, perhaps it is my positive energy, which I inflate into my company. You are sure to feel special and reasured when you sit next to me. It's a sort of positive magic you feel in your inner self.

My liveliness is also a major feature of my personality. I really strive to be active, be it at the gym, out and about in ZA rich, or at work or anywhere, I just love life and what it has to offer.

I must confess my weakness for world-class designers (Luckily they are all in ZA rich, which makes my shoping easier), I enjoy being dressed tastefully, it makes me feel somewhat special, and desirable. This also includes my lingerie, I love to feel erotic, perhaps it is after all the reason explaining my interest in that dating scene. I can be very a very playful bunny or an exquisite elegant mistress, the choice is essentially yours.

Last but foremost, I am very discreet, be it for myself, be sure any time you spend with me will be in strictest confidence. What I leave behind me is a scent of perfume and extraordinary memories....

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