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You will below find my contact details, including mobile phone number. You may imagine that I would rather be in contact with Gentlemen who really have a genuine interest in a date with me. I will kindly ask you to bear this in mind before you decide to pick up your phone.
Of interest is perhaps also my timetable , which I kindly ask you to double-check before you contact me. I also have a private life, but I am very open minded. Should you have interest in a future date, even if if says on my schedule "unavailable", I will of course happily answer.
With all this in mind, below are my details.

The Elite Escort Agency
Escort ZA rich, The Elite Escort Agency
Brimensdorferstrasse 320 , 8055, ZA rich , Switzerland ,

Mobile (International): +41 76 443 41 71
Mobile (Switzerland): 076 443 41 71
E-mail: [email protected]

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